The company PS PLASTY CZ Ltd. is a manufacturing and trading company, which was founded in 2006.

The aim of the company is to provide a wide range of plastic packaging, machines for sealing and filling cups and a complete packaging service for the customer.

Our customers are companies operating in the food, medical, constructions and automotive industry.

Production and development program of the company is primarily focused on the production of injection molded and thermoformed packaging.

The strategic objectives and priorities of the company is the customer orientation and satisfaction of their needs through the high quality products and quality service.

We can provide the best quality to our customers because of our latest modern technology such as sleeve, IML and eight-color offset printing.

During our existence, we have become one of the leading suppliers of plastic packaging for the food industry in the Czech Republic.

Increasing production efficiency and product demand was the reason why the portfolio of our customers has grown considerably, so in 2008 we expanded our business activities to the foreign markets. Due to the expansion, company has also increased the existing storage space of the central warehouse by 3 700 m2.


Growing customer buying trend is mainly focused on the product packaging, so our company motto is: „Packaging sells“.

Currently the packaging is one of the most important marketing tool and a significant source of informations.

Our company is aware of this fact and because of our wide and long-time experience, we are able to effectively respond the specific needs and wishes of our customers and together find the best solution.

The vision of our company is to gradually expand our activities to other EU countries and achieve the competitive position in the foreign market.